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“HORTUS advisers were of great help for me when succesfully selling mu business to big finish corporation.”

Kęstutis Sinskas
The former owner of engineering company “Gensina”

“This is reliable navigation and support in the highseas of decision making and negotiations.”

Mindaugas Karalius
Managing director of “MK Laivyba”

“I was looking for the advisors with solid performance. HORTUS advisors were very professional and they negotiaton skills resulted in successful deal.”

Virginijus Juškys,
former 25% shareholder of “Somlita”

“I would like to thank you in the name of KPMG for professional project management; this is true pleasure to cooperate with such partners even being on the opposite side.”

Darius Klimasauskas
Head of Corporate Finance “KPMG Baltics”

Mergers and acquisitions

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You created the value. We help you realize it.

Mergers and acquisitions are difficult legal and financial processes, which are extremely labour intensive and emotionally demanding. Our services help to facilitate the procedure; you will quickly see the benefits, because working together we will help you to save time, save money and reduce stress.

Profitable negotiations are multi-levelled processes. General experience, a detailed knowledge of the subject, psychology, management skills, nerves all are necessary to reach positive results. Our history of success enables us to confidentially assert we have what it takes, and we can help you achieve the same.

Our services:

Preparing a company for sale

We arrange the process of selling a business, providing support in preparing a business plan and identifying potential investors. We consult on company evaluations, ways to offer the company for sale, as well as offering a full service package to complete a sale.

Advisor and observer services

We provide qualified consultancy for company mergers, restructuring and company break ups. Being impartial, we help to solve shareholders’ conflicts and find a solution best for all sides. In pursuance of deals, we help to choose a negotiation strategy and provide consultancy services. We represent investors on the company’s board of directors.


In compliance with a client’s requirements, we help to find a suitable company for acquisition. We develop a purchasing strategy and provide consultancy throughout the process. We can provide an objective evaluation of a business taking into consideration not only the company indexes and perspectives, but also the business environment and market opportunities.


We can provide consultancy on arranging finance and a financial strategy for company buyouts, mergers and take-overs.