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“I was looking for the advisors with solid performance. HORTUS advisors were very professional and they negotiaton skills resulted in successful deal.”

Virginijus Juškys,
former 25% shareholder of “Somlita”

“I would like to thank you in the name of KPMG for professional project management; this is true pleasure to cooperate with such partners even being on the opposite side.”

Darius Klimasauskas
Head of Corporate Finance “KPMG Baltics”

“HORTUS advisers were of great help for me when succesfully selling mu business to big finish corporation.”

Kęstutis Sinskas
The former owner of engineering company “Gensina”

“This is reliable navigation and support in the highseas of decision making and negotiations.”

Mindaugas Karalius
Managing director of “MK Laivyba”

Investment criteria

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Investment criteria We invest in mid-sized established companies. We can lead investments in considerably larger companies through co-investment arrangements.Possible purposes for investment include:

  • Company expansion;
  • Product and service development;
  • Restructuring;
  • Company mergers, takeovers and buyouts.
Managers Managers should be experienced and specialists in the type of activities undertaken by the company.
Geography We are investing in Lithuania
Markets We are sector independent, but we do not invest in tobacco, alcohol and gambling businesses.
Proprietary We expect to receive 25% – 100% of shares.
Investment size From 0,3 mln to 2 mln EUR
Time Usually investment projects lasts from 2 to 5 years.
End of the project At the end of the project we sell our shares; this may be to the strategic or financial investors, or an initial public offering.
Other information We generally require to be active board members. We monitor companies where we have invested and require regular financial reports.