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“I would like to thank you in the name of KPMG for professional project management; this is true pleasure to cooperate with such partners even being on the opposite side.”

Darius Klimasauskas
Head of Corporate Finance “KPMG Baltics”

“This is reliable navigation and support in the highseas of decision making and negotiations.”

Mindaugas Karalius
Managing director of “MK Laivyba”

“I was looking for the advisors with solid performance. HORTUS advisors were very professional and they negotiaton skills resulted in successful deal.”

Virginijus Juškys,
former 25% shareholder of “Somlita”

“HORTUS advisers were of great help for me when succesfully selling mu business to big finish corporation.”

Kęstutis Sinskas
The former owner of engineering company “Gensina”

Investment process

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Strong management

We invest in companies with a strong team of experienced managers. People who know how things are done but also know how it could be done better. We look for partnership with enthusiastic entrepreneurs, who strive for their goals.

Willing to grow

We invest in companies that are willing to grow and are competing for a bigger market share. We want to go further than simple growth. We believe that investment is needed for a company’s development, to expand working capital, to make acquisitions, develop new products and technologies. Our team will help you to find solutions and make decisions. Your development is our business.

Investment process

  • If the project seems of potential interest, we will then ask you to fill in an investment form.
  • We then meet with your company’s shareholders and managers. A confidentiality agreement is always signed.
  • We then make a detailed evaluation of the investment project, taking into account the market situation and the requirement for capital, and make a decision on whether the project suits our investment criteria.
  • We will then analyse all relevant financial and legal documents.
  • We undertake negotiations with the company’s shareholders and managers.
  • HORTUS then makes a full evaluation of the project, terms and risks and makes a final decision on investment.
  • When an investment is agreed, we then monitor the project and provide on-going support and advice, and take part in board level meetings.