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Valdemaras Vaičekauskas +370-658-00999


Chairman of the Board and CEO, responsible for the overall strategy of the Company.

He has more than 26 years experience in CEO – level operating positions.


1982-1988  –  Graduated with honors from Merchant Marine Academy in St. Petersburg.

2008-2009 – Strategic management and corporate valuation studies at “Baltic Management Institute”, Vilnius.

2011 – Executive education for Professional Board Members at “Baltic Institute of Corporate Governance”,Vilnius.

Business experience

1993  founded and developed the group of companies “KRANTAS” – the  international passenger and cargo logistic services provider. He was succesfully leading 230 employees with 40 mil EURO revenue.

“Krantas group” was successfully sold to danish strategic investor “DFDS Seaways”  in 2002.

2002 – 2005  the Chairman of  investment management holding  “In Favorem”.

Since 2006     Valdemaras is CEO and Chairman of  “Hortus Investment Banking”.

Since 2017   Valdemaras is Chairman of  AB “Smiltynės perkėla” (local ferry company).

Valdemaras is moderating in-house seminars for leading Lithuanian companies (KLASCO, ICOR , Chamber of Commerce and others) and also making public reports on the finance strategy and business development (Baltic Management Institute, Lithuanian business daily “Verslo zinios”,Institute of Human Harmony).

Valdemaras is acting as coach and personal advisor to board members and senior executives.


  •  Member and Charter President of Rotary Club “Maris”
  •  Board member of  Bishopric Museum of Samogitia;
  •  Lithuanian Private Equity and Venture Capital Associacion;
  •  Baltic Institute of Corporate Governance
  •  “Capitals” golf club.

Social responsibility

Valdemaras and his wife Irta family foundation is initiating and funding civil society development projects.